Serving the Aerospace and Power Generation
Industries with Test & Maintenance
Equipment for Over 40 Years.

The Businesses of HABCO – Test Equipment, Tooling & Kits, Asset Management, Seamless InnoGration™ and Aftermarket Services

If it needs to be designed, fabricated, built, assembled or integrated HABCO can do it.  No company brings more engineering, manufacturing and integration capabilities to bear on an aviation or defense industry project or program engagement.

Why It Matters

Everything matters to us.  At HABCO, what we do affects the lives of many.  What matters goes beyond on time delivery or meeting customer project milestones.   It’s a way of thinking and acting that is pervasive throughout the organization.  When it comes to our customers and the people that use their products, every single thing matters to us.

Our commitment to you and the mission of HABCO is to earn your unparalleled brand loyalty through rapid response by providing products and services that deliver the highest level of operational readiness and safety.  You have our word on it.

Accurate tool control reduces the risk of FOD. Every year, thousands of tools are misplaced or left in aircraft during assembly and maintenance activities.
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