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All Calibrations performed by HABCO’s certified technician are in accordance with ANSI/NCSL. All standards used during calibrations have certificates traceable to NIST and calibration data package supplied with shipment of the equipment. Our highly trained technicians perform expert calibration services on equipment from customers nationwide. Our competitively fast turnaround times – 3 days or less with a continuous improvement commitment to meeting 24 hour turnaround times, provide the benefit of 0 to little down time while your equipment is being calibrated.

Recently with our focus on Lean and commitment to continuous improvement, we have significantly improved our calibration activities to save our customers money. The value of our service has increased dramatically to include a full Preventative Maintenance performance and check per manual requirements, and replace all consumables, while reducing costs for our customers in nearly all cases. We are saving you time and money – while increasing the value of our service.

HABCO’s Service Includes (value added additions)



Overt Benefit

Certified Calibration

All Calibrations performed by HABCO’s certified technicians are in accordance with ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994

Maintaining the needed accuracy and quality standards of the equipment.

Increasing the quality of your equipment

Consumable Replacement

Replace all consumables

Reduce extra spending and paper processing

Preventative Maintenance

Perform all preventative checks and measures per requirements as specified in the manual

Helps to maintain the quality of the equipment.

Ensures overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

Inventory Management

HABCO will manage your entire inventory. You will receive email alerts for due dates and RMA #’s without your request

Eliminates opportunity for overdue calibrations by “forgetting”


Extended Service Programs


We have created a 3 and 5 year Extended Service Plan options that will not only save you money over each year, but also lock you in at a lower price for the 5 years.

  • Over the 5 years you will pay less for the calibration – and get more with our service.
  • Choosing the service plan will lock you in with our low prices and you will avoid any possible price increases.
  • Less Administrative Fees – With 1 Quote and 1 PO – Over a 90% processing time reduction over the specified time period. We eliminate all of the individual process time each year.

For our customers with vacuum carts we have created a Rotable Pool option to provide you with 0 down time and reduced spending in shipping costs:

  • We can ship you out a flow meter and pressure transducer KIT 30 days prior to your next calibration due date each year to swap out. All you need to do is remove from your vacuum cart and ship back to us each year. You will rotate this out each year.
  • We will manage your inventory by automatically sending you the flow meter without you shipping in your cart or requesting a quote, creating a PO, requesting an RMA, creating shipping documents, and paying for shipping costs.
  • We feel very strongly this is in every customer’s best interest if owning a vacuum cart.
  • You will save up to $1,000.00 a year on shipping costs not having to ship your vacuum cart to and from us.
  • You will experience 0 down time.


It’s a known fact, that proper routine maintenance on equipment, especially testing equipment, is the best way to maximize the up time of the equipment and ensure availability to meet your production needs. The service plan is designed to be both cost effective and worry-free for you, and your organization. HABCO will relieve you of the burden of maintenance planning, and will take over responsibility for servicing the test stands on a regular scheduled basis. When servicing is due, you will automatically be notified 30 days in advance, and a mutually suitable date will be arranged with you.

The preventative maintenance program creates a baseline of machine operation so that operating conditions can be trended and problems found before they occur, which will reduce your total maintenance cost. We will help you anticipate problem situations before they cause costly downtime, including assessment of your spare parts situation and spares testing where possible. Our certified technician will fully diagnose each machine and make recommendations to make forecasting maintenance cost easier.

The Extended Service Plan is just another way that HABCO can help reduce spending for our customers and save you time.

Plan Includes:

<p > Detail <p > Overt Benefit
No paperwork or administration time needed. 1 quote, 1 purchase order >90% processing reduction over the multi year contract
Assessments and recommendations per HABCO technician Industry leading engineering technicians not just performing the service, but ensuring you don’t have any future problems
Fixed rate, No inflation Set it and forget it
Consumables replacement Including oil, filter elements
Travel expenses included No nickel and diming
10% discount on unplanned service requests Money back in your pocket
Detailed PM plans created specific to each stand Ensures overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
On Site Calibration

We offer all of our in house services to all of our customers nationwide conveniently at their facility for all of our standard and custom test stands. Our quality on-site calibration services offer all of the same value as our in-house service. Our on-site service minimizes your downtime and eliminates concerns about transport time. Our mobile team of highly trained engineers and technicians will be scheduled to your convenience, work is performed quickly, and detailed certifications and documentations are provided upon completion.

Our on-site service is cost-effective for our customers with multiple test stands. We can create a yearly scheduled visit to calibrate and service multiple test stands to save time and money. Another way to save our customers money is entering into an Extended Service Plan for your custom stands to enjoy all of the benefits of convenience and reduced yearly spending.

Repair Service and Maintenance

Regular service and preventative maintenance are crucial to saving both time and valuable resources. Therefore, HABCO offers service, stock and installation of all minor and major spare parts for all of our equipment. Our services are not limited to HABCO, Inc. products. Our certified calibration technicians are here to keep your equipment in safe operating condition. As an added benefit, you’ll receive a Repair Service Estimate form detailing our service performed, and also including assessments and recommendations. Our certified technician is not just performing the service, but helping to ensure you don’t have any future issues following every evaluation of your equipment.

For units that need repairs – A valuable way to start to maintain the effectiveness of your equipment is with a yearly PM Service to help avoid any future repair costs – Our new Extended Service Plan options offer this to you.

Spare Parts

HABCO carries and installs all replacement parts for your equipment. We stock all minor and most major spare parts for off-the shelf convenience when you need them. We guarantee genuine and brand-new parts from accredited manufacturers. All of our parts pass through HABCO’s ISO-9001:2000 certified quality assurance inspection and shipped with certificate of conformance.

Rental Units

We now offer rental units in efforts to help minimize your down time when extended time is needed to repair your unit, or for your convenience to utilize the right equipment only when you need it. We carry various Air Flow Testers and Vacuum Cart rentals to add temporary additional capacity to meet peak demands and to add temporary backup capability to ensure critical time lines are met.

Training and Safety

Safely executed jobs help save time, money, and your most valuable resource – your crew. HABCO has a dedicated safety team whose goal is world-class safety performance. We offer on-site training service with your team as well as hosting in our own state of the art training facility located in HABCO’s brand new facility.

Our training and safety programs cover equipment operation as well as job-specific training, using tools such as instructions for proper use of equipment, safety handouts, protective equipment and supplies recommendations, and equipment-specific certifications and training in accordance with OSHA regulations.

Customer Service

As our company mission states – To empower our employees to create unparalleled brand loyalty by providing the ultimate customer experience in everything we do – you will experience this with every contact with Habco’s customer service. Habco’s Service Manager will remain in contact with you throughout the entire duration of your service. You will be updated with the progress of your service from the acceptance of the quote, arrival of the units, processing and any diagnosis of the units, up to and including the shipment of the units with the tracking information.

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